MP3 demos of the GDP-8800/GDP-8800P

Midi Performances which can be played back on your

The other day I came upon the original piano rolls from the 1920s converted to midi from performances by
Rachmaninoff himself – playing his Prelude in G minor and several of his Elegies . My wife and I settled down in
our living room by our GDP8800. We didn’t know what to expect – we had never heard these before. From the very first chords,
our jaws dropped at the power, phrasing, and virtuosity of this master pianist playing his own music. To think that we had “invited”
Rachmaninoff right into our room to play for us on our own piano – albeit virtually through technology – was quite a
concept to get our heads around. It was our piano. Our piano sound. And Rachmaninoff himself playing as though
he was sitting right on our bench! These rolls were the precursor of digital technology that we use today –
timing, velocity, sustain, and virtually every note was captured on player pianos with timed moving paper rolls to encode
all of the notes and dynamics while the pianist played. The Rachmaninoff pieces were created from original Ampico (live)
piano roll recordings. These sound absolutely terrific on the GDP 8800.

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